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The Whisperer is the T9 Prestige weapon of the Recon class in Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

Sabre‑S2   Krube‑37   Jolt‑7 MP   Fers09   Bosk 3   FS80   Bramson   Firecracker   Whisperer    
The SMART computer of the Whisperer silencer localizes the strange particle field it triggers only around the area of the weapon muzzle, causing a short-term increase in range.
—Official weapon description
TypeSubmachine Gun
Likely based onHeckler & Koch USC
DamageLow-Medium (Above average if flash hider is equipped)
Rate of fireMedium (High when Hair Trigger MK5 is equipped)
RangeMedium-High (Smart Mechanic increase range up to 10 max)
AccuracyLow-Medium (High when PT7 Silencer is equipped)
Magazine size29 if max extended ammo is in use
Starting ammo28-33-38
Fire modeAutomatic
TierT9 Prestige SMART weapon

The Whisperer is a submachine gun featuring high rate of fire, maximum armor penetration, and high accuracy. While, like the Firecracker, it cannot equip a grip to improve accuracy, its innate accuracy is the highest in its class, rivaling the Bosk 3 and Bramson.

The Whisperer's unique SMART mechanic allows successful hit to increases the effective range of the weapon by 20%, which can be stacked up to 10 times; each stack expires after 20 seconds. (However, swapping to a secondary weapon or picking up dropped weapons will also cause the counter to reset to 0).

Overall, the Whisperer is a balanced weapon, and, with the flash hider equipped and the SMART counter maxed out at 10, it can potentially rival weapons such as The Stacker in mid-range gunfights, as well as significantly outperform all other SMGs in terms of damage drop-off.

  • High rate of fire
  • Maximum armor penetration
  • Very high base accuracy
  • Decent clip size
  • Effective at up to mid range
  • SMART mechanic
  • Unable to equip a grip to further improve accuracy
  • SMART mechanic resets to 0 if you swap weapons
  • Omni-directional kick when ADSing


  • While the weapon description claims that the Whisper's special mechanic comes from a computer in the gun's silencer, in-game, the player can still swap out the default silencer for other muzzle attachments and the weapon's range-increasing mechanic will still work.

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