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The following is a list of weapons in the Modern Combat series.

Modern Combat: Sandstorm Edit

Primary Edit

Image Name Class
MC1-MN106 MN106 Infantry
MC1-M249 M249 Heavy Gunner
100px Benelli M4 Close Range
MC1-AK47 AK-47 Long Range

Secondary Edit

Image Name Classes
MC1-MP5 MP5 Infantry, Close Range
MC1-M40A3 M40A3 Long Range
MC1-RPG-7 RPG-7 Heavy Gunner

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus Edit

Primary Edit

Image Name Rank
MC2-AK47 AK47 1
MC2-S1 Custom S1 Custom 2
MC2-M40A3 M40A3 4
MC2-M249 M249 6
MC2-MN106 MN106 11
100px Benelli M4 13
MC2-Dradonitch Dradonitch 14
MC2-RPG-7 RPG-7 19
MC2-MN106 Red Dot MN106 Red Dot 24
MC2-MN106 Camo MN106 Camo 34
MC2-MN106 Silenced MN106 Silenced 44
MC2-AK-47 Silenced AK-47 Silenced 52
MC2-AK47 Gold AK47 Gold 72

Secondary Edit

Image Name Rank
MC2-Beretta M9 Beretta M9 1
MC2-NX8 Handgun NX8 Handgun
MC2-MAC11 MAC11 3
MC2-Desert Eagle Desert Eagle 8
MC2-Vulture Vulture
MC2-MP5 MP5 17
MC2-Beretta M9 Silenced Beretta M9 Silenced 28
MC2-NX8 Handgun Silenced NX8 Handgun Silenced
MC2-MAC11 Silenced MAC11 Silenced 39
MC2-MP5 Silenced MP5 Silenced 48
MC2-Golden Pistol Golden Pistol 71

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Edit

Primary Edit

Image Name Rank Cost
MC3-MC81 MC81 5 MC3 Credit5,000
MC3-OPS55 OPS55 24 MC3 Credit12,000
MC3-TXR-Reaper TXR-Reaper 40 MC3 Credit20,000
MC3-Bravel-1 Bravel-1 1 -
MC3-ACM ACM 16 MC3 Credit11,000
MC3-KT-44 KT-44 28 MC3 Credit28,000
MC3-Maiden Maiden 35 MC3 Credit16,000
MC3-TZ4-Compakt TZ4-Compakt 46 MC3 Credit16,000
MC3-ZN6-Prototype ZN6-Prototype 70 MC3 Credit22,000
MC3-Intercept-L200 Intercept-L200 10 MC3 Credit7,000
MC3-KR600 KR600 52 MC3 Credit24,000
MC3-Shred-4 Shred-4 22 MC3 Credit16,000
MC3-Automat-X Automat-X 64 MC3 Credit28,000

Secondary Edit

Image Name Rank Cost
MC3-MK45 MK45 1 -
MC3-Vulture Vulture 12 MC3 Credit10,000
MC3-.44 Revolver .44 Revolver 82 MC3 Credit?
MC3-Defiler Defiler 7 MC3 Credit6,000
MC3-N4010 N4010 31 MC3 Credit12,000
MC3-Roar 3000 Roar 3000 58 MC3 Credit22,000
MC3-Rampage-4 Rampage-4 18 MC3 Credit18,000
MC3-ZXD ZXD 76 MC3 Credit28,000

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Edit

Prices are for the iOS version.

Primary Edit

Image Name Cost
MC4-VECT9 VECT9 MC4 Cost 40,000
MC4-UFIA PSD-2 UFIA PSD-2 MC4 Cost 80,000
MC4-KR-200 KR-200 MC4 Cost 60,000
MC4-Charbtek-28 Charbtek-28 MC4 Cost 95,000
MC4-Compakt-665 Compakt-665 MC4 Cost 120,000
MC4-R780 R780 MC4 Cost 25,000
MC4-CTK-1410 CTK-1410 MC4 Cost 45,000
MC4-Volkhov-12 Volkhov-12 MC4 Cost 70,000
MC4-X6 .338 X6 .338 MC4 Cost 60,000
MC4-E24 SASR E24 SASR MC4 Cost 80,000
MC4-SFS CTK-12 SFS CTK-12 MC4 Cost 155,000

Secondary Edit

Image Name Cost
MC4-Schoc 33 Schoc 33 -
MC4-Black Mamba Black Mamba MC4 Cost 20,000
MC4-Viny Pro Viny Pro MC4 Cost 44,000
MC4-OPS65 OPS65 MC4 Cost 30,000
MC4-Jolt-7 MP Jolt-7 MP MC4 Cost 55,000
MC4-Tygr X3 Tygr X3 MC4 Cost 85,000
MC4-CTK-88 Crumplor CTK-88 Crumplor MC4 Cost 60,000
MC4-Kolbászky S-40 GL Kolbászky S-40 GL MC4 Cost 110,000
MC4-40mm Thor GLP 40mm Thor GLP MC4 Cost 140,000

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

Primary Edit

Recon Edit

Image Name Tier
MC5-Sabre-S2 Sabre-S2 1
MC5-Krube-37 Krube-37 2
MC5-Jolt-7 MP Jolt-7 MP 3
MC5-Fers09 Fers09 4
MC5-Bosk 3 Bosk 3 5
100px FS80 6
MC5-Bramson Bramson 7

Assault Edit

Image Name Tier
MC5-Compakt-665 Compakt-665 1
MC5-Charbtek-28 Charbtek-28 2
MC5-KR-200 KR-200 4
MC5-Red-34 Red-34 5
100px KOG Mk V 6
MC5-PR39 PR39 7

Heavy Edit

Image Name Tier
MC5-Romket-178 Romket-178 1
MC5-BMF-12 BMF-12 2
MC5-SMASS-410 SMASS-410 3
MC5-DS-1310 DS-1310 4
MC5-Sering 9 Sering 9 5
100px VOID 6 6
MC5-DBS 4 DBS 4 7

Sniper Edit

Image Name Tier
MC5-ASIX-338 ASIX-338 1
MC5-Norbok-38 Norbok-38 2
MC5-Aresk-07 Aresk-07 3
MC5-Rod-94 Rod-94 4
MC5-BSW 77 BSW 77 7

Support Edit

Image Name Tier
100px SODAW-74 1
100px RSR 45 2
100px AX-100 Mk II 3
100px Stainen 56 4
100px QKR-89 5
100px Shred-4 6
MC5-Hauzzer 45 Hauzzer 45 7

Bounty Hunter Edit

Image Name Tier
MC5-SLS-3 SLS-3 1
MC5-AAR34 AAR34 2
MC5-AMG 200 AMG 200 3
MC5-Maelstrom Maelstrom 4
MC5-Vosk 4 Vosk 4 5
MC5-EER 15 EER 15 6
MC5-ERG 10 ERG 10 7

Secondary Edit

Handguns Edit

Image Name Tier
MC5-MSG 33 MSG 33 1
MC5-Mek R3 Mek R3 2
MC5-Luks-MK2 Luks-MK2 3
MC5-Hawk-13 Hawk-13 4
MC5-Ratog Ratog 5
100px FHG 14 6
MC5-Mrager Mrager 7

Launchers Edit

Image Name Tier
MC5-S-41 GL S-41 GL 1
MC5-HEV Mk 51 HEV Mk 51 2
MC5-CTK-88 Crumplor CTK-88 Crumplor 3
MC5-LGR 35 LGR 35 6
MC5-COM 4 COM 4 7

See also Edit

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