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War Crimes Investigation Bureau
AppearancesModern Combat 4: Zero Hour
TypeGoverment agency
CountryUnited States Seattle, Washington, United States of America
EngagementsPage's Insurrection
ActiveSometime after the Fallen Nation Incident

The War Crimes Investigation Bureau (WCIB, or in other cases called War Crimes Investigation Division) is a governmental agency of the United States of America. It specializes in war crimes and counter-terrorism.

The bureau was created after the events of Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, where the US were humiliated by their first invasion in 200 years. An ultra-modern high-rise has been built in Seattle, which serves as the WCIB's headquarters. The building symbolizes rehabilitation for those hurt by the terrorist acts and a way to heal the scars of a nation.

Gallery Edit


  • It is notable that the guards protecting the WCI building are AFTER personnel. It is unknown why AFTER operatives guard the place instead of a Security company.

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