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The WES is an assault rifle in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: BlackoutEdit

AAW-1   MES-N   Ticor   HS 414   KR-15   DMG   WES   Stacker   V.L.I.-35    
TypeAssault Rifle
Likely based onVSS Vintorez
45~ (with Flash Hider)
Rate of fire540~ RPM
MobilityMedium - high
Magazine size30 - 35 - 40
Starting ammo9 magazines
Reloading3.5 seconds~
Fire modeAutomatic
Unlocked20 Blueprints

The WES is the Tier 7 short-barrel rifle of the Sapper class. Its performance is most comparable to the KOG V and the PR39. It is extremely powerful in close quarters, featuring similar damage and an even higher rate of fire than the KOG V. It also features a slightly larger magazine of up to 39 rounds with an extended magazine (compared to the KOG's 35). This allows the WES to outperform the KOG in close quarters, with its time-to-kill only rivaled by the PR39 and Prestige-tier rifles including the Enforcer, Stacker, Grinder, and V.L.I.-35.

Compared to the PR39, the WES kills in 3-4 shots, while the PR39 kills in 2-3. The WES also features similar accuracy to the PR39, which is slightly lower than that of the KOG, but features a longer range than other SBRs of the Sapper class, meaning that mid-long range firefights are now more viable for the Sapper when using this weapon.

One notable downside to the WES is a very slow reload (much like the PR39), a trait shared by most SBRs. Therefore it is advised to attempt to engage fewer enemies at a time and reload in between firefights, as running out of ammo in the middle of a firefight can prove fatal. However the use of turrets can mitigate the long reload time while playing defensively.

Overall, the WES is considered among the top-tier weapons available to the Sapper class, slightly surpassing the KR-15 in most regards. Compared to the Stacker, the WES arguably has the advantage in longer-range engagements, while the Stacker's high-rate of fire and much faster reload time give it the edge in closer-range combat and permit a more aggressive playstyle.

  • High damage
  • High rate of fire
  • High effective range
  • Fast time-to-kill especially in close quarters
  • Fairly low recoil
  • Solid hip fire
  • Long reload time
  • Potentially outgunned by Prestige assault rifles such as the Grinder

Trivia Edit

  • The WES's time-to-kill is comparable to the KOG V or the Bramson, which makes it very effective given its better range.
  • The WES paired with the Shoulder Gun can be an effective combination for a more aggressive playstyle with the Sapper class, as the Shoulder Gun can help deal with enemies while the WES is reloading.
  • Many Tier 7 weapons share attributes of high damage and fast time-to-kill balanced by a long reload speed. The Bramson, PR39, DBS 4 and WES are examples of this.

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