The Verr Power is a Prestige experimental weapon of the Bounty Hunter class in Modern Combat 5: Blackout, added in Update XII.

Modern Combat 5: BlackoutEdit

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Verr Power
MC5-Verr Power
TypeEnergy weapon
RangeClose-mid range
AccuracyVery High
ClassBounty Hunter
TierT8 Prestige
Unlocked25 blueprints
MC5-Verr Power-hud
A seemingly out-of-this-world weapon, the Verr Power projects an electrical discharge through a laser-ionized air tunnel, with shocking end results!

One of the most unique and futuristic weapons in MC5, the Verr Power fires a constant beam of blue electrical energy while holding down the trigger, which deals extremely high damage, and like other Prestige weapons, also has maximum armor penetration. It is among the best weapons in the game at close range, and is sometimes considered overpowered - capable of killing opponents in the path of the beam in close to a second. Its drawback however is its limited range, making it well suited best for close-mid range combat, but ineffective at longer distances.

Unlike most other weapons, the Verr Power does not use "ammunition", but instead has to "cool down" after a period of time and recharge, like the modular weapons of the X1-Morph class.

  • Very high damage and very fast time-to-kill
  • Maximum armor penetration
  • Does not have to reload
  • One of the best weapons in the game in close-quarters combat
  • Fairly low mobility
  • Beam has a limited range

Trivia Edit

  • The Verr Power originally dealt much less damage, but was considered to be underpowered and was upgraded in an update by Gameloft; more recently it received a small nerf its damage rating due to concerns of it being overpowered
  • The weapon may be inspired on the Lightning Gun in N.O.V.A. 3, another FPS game series by Gameloft.

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