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The V.L.I.-35 is the T9 Prestige short-barrel rifle of the Sapper class in Modern Combat 5: Blackout. It was added to the game in Update XVI.

Modern Combat 5: BlackoutEdit

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The SMART computer used on the Spitfire is tasked with calculating atmospheric conditions between the weapon and the target, while also generating a strange particle field. The field causes bullets to lose mass for a short period of time, reducing weapon recoil and increasing accuracy.
—Official weapon description
TypeAssault Rifle
Likely based onHeckler & Koch SL8
Starting ammoMagazine size 35 (Standard)

40 (Large magazine)

45 (Extended magazine)
Fire modeAutomatic
TierT9 Prestige SMART weapon

The V.L.I.-35 is an automatic rifle comparable to the Stacker. It sports solid damage, low recoil, a high rate of fire, and maximum armor penetration, as well as a very fast reload time compared to most primary weapons of the Sapper class (though slightly less than that of the Stacker). Like the Stacker, it cannot equip a grip to improve accuracy, and bullet spread becomes noticeable at longer range engagements, making it optimal for close-mid range encounters.

However. the unique mechanic of the weapon causes each successful hit to increases the accuracy of the weapon by 20%, which can be stacked up to 10 times with each stack lasting 20 seconds; potentially allowing it to be accurate and deadly at much longer ranges.

  • High damage and rate of fire
  • Maximum armor penetration
  • Large clip size
  • Fast reload time
  • SMART mechanic
  • Inability to equip grips to improve accuracy
  • Slower reload speed than the Stacker

Trivia Edit

  • The V.L.I.-35 is referred to by the name "Spitfire" in its in-game description.

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