*SPOILER ALERT* Ok so after beating mc5 I was a bit disapponted. I didnt like how phantom unit or characters fom previous Modern Combat games didnt make a return at all, but I can get past that. the graphics are amazing but I prefer the overall look of MC3 and MC4. the campaign was also very disappointing in the bite size missions that remind me of COD:BO Declassified for PS vita. there are around 28-ish mini missions that take about 5 minutes each and there are no checkpoints during them. Id prefer 10-ish missions that take like 20-30 minutes each like all the previous installments, but thats just me. Another thing that I didnt like was the story. Sauders (main villain of MC5 and only character from previous games) wants to start World War 3 (dun dun duuuuun) but wait...didnt WW3 already happen in MC3?! One final complaint was the ending. It was very rushed. Saunders captures the main protagonists daughter, but you never seen her, and when you kill saunders its just a 30 second cutscene featuring a bland fight! not even a quick time event. I know i have complained a lot in this review BUT i throughly enjoyed this game and its campaign. I really loved the new maps and melee animations. Spec ops missions were also fine but felt tacked on at the last second and a bit repetitive. Overall i give this game a 7.7/10. It is a solid entry in the series but not as good as 3 or even 4. tell me weather you agree or disagree in the comments below. [[Category:Blog posts]]

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