• Zeroghost1

    MC5 mini review

    July 29, 2014 by Zeroghost1
    • SPOILER ALERT* Ok so after beating mc5 I was a bit disapponted. I didnt like how phantom unit or characters fom previous Modern Combat games didnt make a return at all, but I can get past that. the graphics are amazing but I prefer the overall look of MC3 and MC4. the campaign was also very disappointing in the bite size missions that remind me of COD:BO Declassified for PS vita. there are around 28-ish mini missions that take about 5 minutes each and there are no checkpoints during them. Id prefer 10-ish missions that take like 20-30 minutes each like all the previous installments, but thats just me. Another thing that I didnt like was the story. Sauders (main villain of MC5 and only character from previous games) wants to start World War…
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