My wishlist so far. Comments are very welcome, hopefully with some new ideas.

Please be advised that MC6 has not been confirmed. See also User blog:Ysbert/MC5 anniversary.

  • All SKILLS and EQUIPMENT from MC4
    • + Shield - Creates a sphere (ø10m) in which the player takes 50% damage only.
  • New drones. Not in skills/equipment or support, but in a separate slot. Each player can select a drone. Drones can be launched after a certain cool down time, which varies per drone. (Controlled by AI)
    • Scout Drone - Shows players through walls
    • EOD Drone - Searches for mines, jammers, shields etc. and disables them.
    • Ground Drone - Shoots at enemies.
    • Hover Drone - Shoots at enemies at high speed.
  • All GRENADES from MC4 (with the same stats)
  • Weapons:

  • All ATTACHMENTS from MC4
    • - MC4 red dot sight + MC3 red dot sight
    • + MC5 holo sight
    • + A laser sight (turn on or off)
    • + A bipod for LMGs, DMRs, and sniper rifles (lay down or stand up)
  • A new button on the screen: attachment action. When tapped, the actions enjoined between brackets above occur.

  • Better weapon draw animations
    • Pulling the slide of pistols (DT)
    • Cocking the M4 (CoD MW)
    • Folding out the SMAW
    • Pulling the pin of grenades
  • The Armory of MC4. Seriously, it was perfect for me.
  • Reloading effects like in MC3
  • Overall graphics style like as in any game before MC5
  • Grenade VFX and SFX from MC4
  • Firing sounds like in MC2 (but HQ of course)
  • Bullet drop and velocity for sniping at bigger maps.
  • "Unified Progression" just like in MC5, but enemies in campaign should use their own weapons. Not like in MC5, where everyone uses random weapons.
  • No IAPs, no currency. But not like in MC5, where the T5/T6 weapons are the best weapons. Every weapon should have its own disadvantages (like in any MC game before the MC4 Content Pack)
  • Knife animations from MC5 (But lower the sound volume, jeez. It was disgusting in MC5)

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