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MC5 daily reward

Daily reward

Yesterday Gameloft released an unnamed update for Modern Combat 5: Blackout.


  • Trinkets: small accessories available to hang on pro weapons.
    • Extinguisher
    • Origami Crane
    • Sandstorm
    • Clown Shoes
    • Gladius
  • New masks
    • Sandstorm
    • The Jester
    • Preatorian
  • New camos
    • Vulcan
    • Carnivale
    • Legio Aeternam
    • Sandstorm
    • [Some new flag camos]
  • Daily rewards: come back every day to earn "tokens" (with which you can buy supply packs) or trinkets. This will not be reset when skipped. See also User:Ysbert/daily reward.
  • 4 new killsigns

The content will not be available immediately, but will unlock by events. However TCD Gaming has a glitch that enables him to use all content in the update. Check out the link for images.


  • Gameloft is aware of server lag and will fix the problem "ASAP".

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