First image of MC5 killcam

The killcam in MC5

MC5 flashbang effect

The flashbang effect

Okay, the first livestream is just offline. Here's what we have learned:

  • Killcams look exactly the same as in Battlefield 4.
  • Sprinting is not much faster than normal walking with many weapons.
  • The melee kill looks just as awesome as in the campaign.
  • The Bomber will be controlled by tapping on the location on the minimap.
  • When you pick up a weapon from the ground, it will retain its attachments.
  • There will be 4 multiplayer maps at launch. Gameloft is planning to add new maps (or even replace maps) "soon".
  • The sounds in the game (pistol firing sounds, menu effects, etc.) are pretty good.
  • The game does not have a local multiplayer option.
  • There are 100 ranks.
  • The turret support can aim up and down (visually).
  • The first launcher (S-41 GL) is not a one-hit-kill weapon.
  • We saw a new sight: the "Camo Red Dot", which is brown instead of grey.
  • Gameloft doesn't know how to livestream.

My thoughts

First off, I must say that I don't like to write a negative post about a game series I like, but I must be honest. I'm pretty disappointed. The maps look like those of a free game: they are too open indoors, they are too flat, and they are not very well textured. (However, that last thing and other graphics could be caused by Twitch.)

There is one map I like: Rooftops. This map plays on the rooftops (no s**t) of a building in Tokyo. The special thing about this map is that you are on a skyscraper, you are in the clouds. You can's see anything further than 10 meters. PERFECT. This is what I was asking for. Players will have a big advantage with the Scout Drone or a Thermal LCD, which will make the game a little bit more tactical.

Another thing I like is the drone itself. We saw the drone at E3 2013 and it didn't change since. It floats around the map and scans the area.

So far, MC3 is my favorite game on my iPad.

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