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By Ysbert
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Today is one year after Modern Combat 5: Blackout was released. In a year time, MC5 has changed a lot, starting with the fact that it became the first freemium game in the Modern Combat series.

Gameloft has announced a "little surprise", and there are rumours about aliens or something, but I guess we will know more at the end of the day.

Update: the surprise was a new cover image on Gameloft's Twitter page. They added a new character, which might hint the content of the next update. Check it out by yourself, I don't want to make false assumptions.

My personal opinion

Modern Combat 5 Blackout Gameloft Live Stream Twitch MC5 Session 201:17:40

Modern Combat 5 Blackout Gameloft Live Stream Twitch MC5 Session 2

I remember back one year, with all the livestreams by the producers and Ryan. The two streams by the producers were pretty sad, the game even lost the connection during the stream, which is still one of the downsides of the game. A couple of days later, the first multiplayer livestream occurred. It looked horrible and many fans including me were pretty disappointed. The controls were bad, the graphics were less than MC3's, there was a constant server lag, so people would fall on the ground even after you stopped shooting, and the recoil on weapons looked fake. Now, one year later, it's still the same. Heck, the graphics got even worse.

The best thing of MC5 was that there were no IAPs, it was a real relief. But that was destroyed in an update, which added credits and Diamond Dust. The last update also added Tokens, which can be earned for free.


There is a big chance that there will be no such a thing as MC6, and MC5 being the last game in the series. Gameloft never said anything about a new game in the series, and MC5 was always rumoured to be the final game. The fact that there is no live antagonist in the series at the moment strengthens that.

So what did you think of MC5 when it first came out, or whenever you first played it? And what do you think of it the way it is now? Leave your comments below!

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