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By Ysbert
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Gear up: advanced tactical suits are now available in ‪#‎ModernCombat5‬! Unlock them all to gain awesome perks and explore the new Vantage urban battleground, designed for both close and long-range combat.

The fourth update for Modern Combat 5: Blackout has been released for iOS today. The Android version will be released later today, and the Windows Phone version will be released in September.


Character customisation
Players can now customise their character completely. Not only the helmet, but also the armor, gloves, and shoes. You can also give it a custom camouflage. All these items are unlocked by Supply Packs.
Suit Abilities
If all items of a suit are found (by supply packs), the suit is unlocked. Each suit has special abilities.
The update seems to contain a new map named "Vantage".
MC5 asks for your location to show local advertising and players in your vicinity.

My opinion

I must say I'm impressed about this update. I didn't expect this level of consistency from GL Bucharest. I presume there are more options on the way, just like the T7 weapons and trinkets etc. I think most player will appreciate this.



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