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By Ysbert
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Some people may remember that I announced a major update for the infoboxes on this wiki. After hours and hours of coding and testing, there was a strange line through the image, as you still can see on the page. I cancelled the complete project.

Now, four months later, I started working with InfoboxBuilder. With this relatively new extention, my project could finally be established. I created the CSS for the new infoboxes, and they are almost the same as the previous ones. (EDIT: after some testing, the appearance of the boxes has further been simplified.) Except these infoboxes are way faster than the wikitext/ParserFunctions-based ones.

Plus, the image added to the box will automatically be resized (keeping the resolution, thus rendering in ultra HD), no matter what size you give it. This made it possible to auto-assign images to the boxes. When the weapon infobox is finished, only giving game will be enough to style the infobox and to put the right image in it.

Another application was to create automatic categories. This will likely be implemented later.

So far, {{Infobox/faction}}, {{Infobox/character}}, and {{Infobox/attachment}} are built with InfoboxBuilder. There were some image problems with {{Infobox/weapon}}, which will be hopefully fixed soon.

One more thing

If you read the thread from october, you know that I wanted to give every game its own colours. And here they are! The game argument decides which of the five styles the box will get. Visit user:ysbert/sandbox/templates to see them all.

These styles will always be easy to change with the CSS, so suggestions and comments are welcome.

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