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By Ysbert
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Some tips for using sniper rifles:

  • After killing an enemy or three, move to another spot.
  • Cover your back with turrets, mines, sensors etc.
  • Use suppressors to be stealthy. This is especially helpful if you are in a spot where nobody would see you. Missing the first shot in this case is not such a big problem as when you would miss the first shot and everybody knows where you are.
  • Be patient. They will come...
  • If another sniper spotted you, never sit still. Make unexpected moves and take as much cover as possible.
  • Aim with your left thumb while holding your other thumb close to the fire button.
    • You can also use the move pad to aim by walking to the left and right.
  • Use tear gas grenades to make aiming easier.
  • Practice quickscoping. It won't work at the beginning, but practicing is a key.
    • Tap the sprint button to exit the scope, tapping the zoom button will cause a delay. (MC1 - MC4, sniping in MC5 is bullcrap)
    • High-damage bullets increase the chance of a one-bodyshot-kill.
  • Ignore people who call you a camper. That's the realistic part of the game.

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