Four months ago, I got administrator rights on the Modern Combat Wiki. This blog post will be my 5000th edit.

So, what can I say? I think I enjoy editing more than playing the game. Wikia is brilliant organisation. Everyone has a place to fill here. I, for example, enjoy making or improving things. Others like to share information, to make screenshots, or to help people. That's what I like about Wikia: it creates freedom for the users (as long as they don't crap on other people's work).

With 5000 edits, the wiki has totally transformed.

  • Of course: the buttons, of which I am pretty proud, are all adapted to the right style
  • The navboxes are simplified and optimised for GameGuides
  • Navboxes are distributed over Weapons, Grenades, Multiplayer, and Campaign.
  • All infoboxes are the same style and optimised for GameGuides
  • Admins and trusted users have coloured user names
  • All articles are organised and consistent
  • The Game template shows the real game icons
  • The headings are customised and have better margins
  • The official MCW policy pages
  • Some new templates like Dialoque and Latestrevision
  • Many many other small improvements

Remember that I will always want to learn new tricks or other things. Please don't hesitate to contact me about suggestions!

For now, I think I'm taking a break for a while, so Claywick and the other admins will take over.

I hope I can continue to edit here for a long time, I enjoy every edit I make.


—Me to new editors

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