I'm understanding Gameloft better and better. Overall, they can make very good games. But the support, for both games and customers, is "pretty disappointing".

When Gameloft removed Modern Combat: Sandstorm in september 2014 (without a message, announcement, explanaition, anything), every diehard MC fan could shed a tear. But I think this was just the start. The last MC5 update included a price drop, which made Modern Combat 5: Blackout the cheapest game in the series. Even Gameloft seems to have realised that Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus is better than MC5.

MC2 map pack purchase

Further with my personal experience: I bought the Map Pack in MC2, my money is at Gameloft's. But after the transaction, I got this message saying the content may have been illegally obtained. I understand, no problem. I sent an email to the adress with an explanation.

Some minutes late, I got an automatic message back referring me to the support website ( Guess what? MC2 is not in the list. Hell, MC3 isn't even in the list. After searching the whole website, there is no place where I can contact them. I simply wasted 2 bucks.

I heard a lot of stories about such complaints, and I'm ashamed of myself to find it out after four years.

When iOS 8 came out, Gameloft released updates with the description "iOS 8 compatibility". These updates ruined sound effects of explosions and other sounds in MC3 and MC4, and causes MC4 to crash when going online on my iPad Mini 2. I don't expect an update for these problems, because if someone at this moment conciders buying a Modern Combat, it will most likely be MC5. Simply because it is the latest game in the series and because it is cheaper. "Win-win." I feel sorry for those people.

The servers for MC3 took a year to be fixed. MCS has been silently eliminated. The IAPs of MC2 has been taken offline. How long before MC2 is removed?

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