1. Hello, so I recently became level 25 and unlocked the Heavy class. So now I have the Romket and the first launcher. I did a few battles and it seems okay, you can get a instant kill with a headshot. Then, I found a Supply Pack and got the Pro Romket and the pro version of the first launcher. The pro shotgun has increased damage, but decreased range. The pro launcher has decreased damage, but more clip size. Should I use the pro shotgun and launcher or not?

2. So I saw a level 6 Recon and I started shooting him trying to aim for his head with the iron sights, but he was some sort of speed demon strafing while shooting me ( I was not moving because the shotgun has bad accuracy already). I got a direct hit on his head, but he survived it. He killed me at close range. Any tips for killing those dang Recons?

3. Not really a question, but I want to point out how dumb some people are. Okay, I am doing the Vantage map and see a enemy Support just crouching there with his LMG. I sneak up behind him and stab him. Well, every person gets stabbed once in a while. Then, I see that same guy just running past me. When he ran past me I tried to shoot him, but accidently pressed the knife button while he was running. He was dead, but still skidding on the floor. Lol. I see the same guy, I pretty sure he saw me and started running and I was like wtf? I chased him and didn't shoot him just in case he didn't see me. He stopped and ran again. I kept chasing him until I caught up and knifed him. Finally, I started looking for more enemies when he spawned in front of me. I killed him with a knife. He left the server.

4. Impact or Nail?

MC5 btw.

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