7. Canals

It was a little hard to choose my least favorite, but that would be Canals. First off, the map is way too big. So big, the firefight was happening at some random edge. A whole map across my spawn point, it took me several minutes to reach there. Second, I don't really like this type of the map structure and even though I played it multiple times, I'm not used to it.

6. Overtime

It's not bad actually, the fact is that Bombers and Airstrikes have little to no effect. I like how it's futuristic themed. Also, people on the catwalk are so busy sniping they don't notice you. There is also a secret hiding spot I know in this map.

5. Construction Site

Perfect for my shotguns in the indoor section, then I can go and use the launchers outside. I remember getting 17+ kills because there was a noob on the other team who kept using a Pro Hawk and got owned so badly by my Romket.

4. Vantage

Though this is considered a very huge map, in my opinion it looks about medium. Awesome, don't really have any negatives here. If you read my forum post about killing the same guy about 5 times with a knife, this was the map.

3. Streets

Fast paced, a top level for raining hell down on your enemies. Also lots of shortcuts to get directly to the red zone. Everyone is so jammed at the top floor I got 4 kills at once with a shotgun. Idk why, but this map was so good for my pro LUK pistol.

2. Scramble

I remember I did a 1v1 against a level 40. He kept running straight towards me and I was on a building constantly sniping him. This map is great. For all weapons. SMG and shotguns? Try to stay indoor, but the map is kinda small so you can use it like normal most of the time. Sniper? Stay on top of the buildings, but watch out for Airstrikes and bombers. Assault and LMG? Pretty much find your enemy and rekt him.

1. Rooftops

My favorite, small and has fog that I use to my advantage. Try to mostly stay on the top floor. That is where the fog is, and that is why people like staying on the bottom. Rain bullets on them this way. There are also many bunkers to hide in. When you are on the top floor and low on heslth. Jump in when of the holes which lead the room in the miiddle. Most people won't follow you there.

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