First of all, get rid of the freaking Bounty Hunter class and those OP guns.

There. Now I would like to suggest a new class and some more map ideas.

First, we should add a Pyro class that focuses on flamethrowers. Unlocked at Level 70. 

Flamethrowers would focus on close ranged DoT. Though, one of the flamethrower might fire a stream, making it have about medium range. So basically DoT, most of it would last 5 -8 seconds. Since you are under constant damage when burned you can't regen health, even if you had Extreme Conditions. Flamethrowers have very low damage, only relying on DoT.

We should get the Hazard suit, and give it the Flamethrower class. Change the perk to benefit flamethrowers or DoT. 

Skills would be like increasing flamethrower burst, lasting effect, more DoT, etc. Multilayer skill would be burned players appear on radar for as long as they are on fire, idk.

Now let's head on to maps.


Basically the mall is medium sized. You can also go outside and fight in the parking lot with many cars to hide behind from. The Mall has rows of Aisles suited for close range battles.


The map is medium, there are many maze-like passages, mostly straight and long making it well suited for snipers. There are also some passages that connect to rooms for firefights.


Finally, a map that takes place other than somewhere where humans dwell. Ambushes are common. There are many bushes that you can crouch in. 

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