So recently I've been pretty inactive because I just moved away from home to go to college. I'm now just about settled in and am finding that I finally have some free time. Now that I am at college and away from home I am suddenly concerned about every penny I spend, so I was going to put Battlefield Play4Free on my laptop. It's been shut down, apparently, so I decided to try out MC5 instead. Here's my observations:

  • It works with a keyboard and mouse. HOWEVER- they do not tell you what the keyboard commands are. Some are obvious- WASD to move, R to reload, etc- but others require some figuring out yourself. Others don't even have keys mapped to them- far as I can tell, the only way to pause is to switch to another program and switch back. I may just have not found the right key for it though. Same for other commands.
  • Even with the keyboard and mouse setup, the shoot button remains onscreen.
  • Some various UI bugs or oddities.
  • No option to change graphics, but it seems to be running at max. Doesn't look like you get added graphics or resolution just for being on PC, though.
  • You can only log in via Facebook- so I cannot access my account with all my saved data on it.
  • Runs smoothly- no issues.

Overall I don't think I'll be playing it much. The inability to use my account with all my data on it was the deal breaker. If I get bored, I'll play it for a bit, but that's all.

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