Quite some time ago I figured out how to get Modern Combat 2 to work on my Galaxy S4, which is normally incompatible. Eventually I got it to work, but there were still some minor problems, including that all controls only displayed as pink lines. At some point I figured out that this had the potential for some pretty fantastic screenshots. But, how to get rid of the player's arm and weapon?

I learned from someone that this could be achieved by switching weapons. During this process there is a split second of time where no part of the gun or player is shown. This would normally require a very well-timed screenshot, but I had other ideas. A simple screen recorder would suffice- all that needed to be done is pick out the frame without any part of the player in it.

I am a photographer, so the way I framed the shot was very particular- I intended to maximize the visual effect. Once the positioning was determined I started my screen recorder and switched weapons. Because my S4 has a full 1080p HD display, and 30fps was not a priority, I could afford to record in 1080p for a resulting high resolution shot.

After that was done I picked out the frame I wanted and opened Photoshop. Because all of the controls appeared as small pink lines, they were fairly simple to remove. The result:


This will go on the Jungle page. I plan on doing a few more of these for the rest of the maps at some point. Feel free to download and use for whatever. Maybe this will be my new wallpaper.

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