Hello everybody,

I've been fairly interested in Android screen recording for quite a while. Some time ago I finally discovered the optimum recording method, and have done a lot of recording since. A couple months ago I started recording the campaign for Modern Combat 3, and now that I'm finally seeing my schedule open up, I'm currently in the process of finishing those recordings and posting them here.

I've noticed a few things on this wiki.

  • A lot of the recordings here could use some improvement- low framerate, low resolution, and other issues. Don't take that the wrong way- in no way am I trying to discredit anyone's work (especially for recordings done a few years ago, when quality recordings may not have been possible anyway).
  • Lack of recordings on some pages

In an effort to help, I'd like to create an in-depth guide on Android screen recording. I'm hoping to help people optimize their recording environment to exploit the full potential of their devices and create the highest possible quality recordings, and also encourage more people to create recordings in the first place- the process is much more complicated than it seems, and I know there's probably been people that have given up because of the overall complexity coupled with the relative lack of information on this subject.

Please let me know if there is anything really specific that you would like to see. I know what I would like to cover, but I want to make sure that I address any specific problems you may have experienced, or questions you may have.

I'm not sure when this guide will be released (and it won't if there's a lack of interest), but stay tuned and I'll keep this page updated.

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