Seeing as though Gameloft has developed games and franchises aside from the Modern Combat series, I'd like to share my opinion on my top 10 Gameloft games. Here they are:

  1. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation - This is their best game so far and the best in the series. Fallen Nation also has the best campaign in the series, and also set the standard for multiplayer in future installments.
  2. Gangstar Vegas - Their best open world game. It's huge, has a cast of likeble characters (even if a bit vulgar) and also the gameplay is addicting.
  3. N.O.V.A 3 - Another great FPS but what really shines in this game is the multiplayer. It has maps of variety, you can drive vehicles and of course, voice chat!
  4. Backstab - This game is a blend of Assassin's Creed mixed with pirates and beautiful islands for exploration (also zombies :D). It is an open world game set during the 18th century that lacks a little depth.
  5. World at Arms - Their best freemium game, World at Arms is an addicting game where you get to built your own city base, fight through the globe, challenge other people and more! They could be less aggresive towards the IAP though.
  6. Spider-man: Total Mayhem - A great beat-em up based on the Ultimate Spider-man universe. The game is really colourful, giving it the feel of a comic book, and has an awesome combat system. It would have been better if the game had a more open world feel.
  7. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour - A step down from Fallen Nation, Zero Hour has promise but failed to deliver the high expectations I had for the game. While multiplayer has some new awesome features (such as new killstreaks and skills) some of the design choices were not good. Like most weapons look the same, the campaign wasn't very interesting, graphics looked a bit more cartoony. The game is not bad but it didn't live up to my expectations.
  8. The Dark Knight Rises - Based on Nolan's last Batman movie, the Dark Knight features an open world Gotham City, various side missions, vehicles for both air and ground movement and a combat system just like in the Arkham games. The IAP are also annoying in this one since obtaining money to buy upgrades takes forever.
  9. Heroes of Order and Chaos - I have never liked League of Legends, but this game managed to capture my attention with it's awesome looking characters and gameplay. It's fun especially for a MOBA on mobile.
  10. Asphalt 7 - Best racing game on the app store! No really check it out.

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