Modern Combat 4 has been out for over 6 months, it has recieved 2 updates (1 major) and has the biggest options in multiplayer than the other games in the series. So far, I've had a couple of complaints towards the game and I would like to adress them:

1. The graphics aren't that good - True, some of the lighting is good and the weapon models look great, but the character models look mediocre. Textures are muddy and they look more like cartoon characters than real soldiers.

2. The campaign is boring - I had high hopes that the campaign in this game would be at least exciting, but the story was just boring. The missions were repetitive (especially the drone sequences) and overall it didn't tell it's story very well (even the death of Anderson wasn't tragic).

3. The killchains should have been interactable - If you could control the Ground or Hoover drone in MP, then the game would have been more exciting and fun. Having killchains that you can control would greatly increase their effectivenes in MP.

4. The weapons look the same - Yeah yeah I've said this about a million time before.

I would like to hear your opinions aswell. Maybe Gameloft will take consideration :P

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