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  • Oscar1444

    Time to Promote.

    May 1, 2013 by Oscar1444

    I just recieved the email that I now have Bureaucrat rights! The last person to be promoted was AwesomeSauce360, and he only edited once, but if my deduction skills are correct, then it is because Lumanaru requested help from the Call of Duty Wiki, and he had to promote him so he could do the necessities. 

    Now, Lumanaru hasn't been active after January, though it appears he does check. Without further ado, I can now promote the following people to Administrators:





    Congrats guys! I also believe I need to grant at least one of you with Bureaucrat rights in case I cannot promote for whatever reason. 

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  • Oscar1444

    Now we wait.

    April 21, 2013 by Oscar1444

    I have finally sent my request for Bureaucrat rights! this means hopefully, if I properly filled their requirements (I checked them, I'm pretty sure I did), I can finally promote those of you who have earned it! Then I won't be the only one with blocking priveleges, and Admin Dashboard access, etc. So now we wait and see what happens!

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  • Oscar1444


    April 4, 2013 by Oscar1444

    Okey doke. As per the Eden wiki, I will resume constant editing because I hate waiting to have my comp fixed, so screw it, I'll edit anyway, crash or not. As this is, vandals have come freqently, and I have, and will, ban them for 100+ years. VANDALS BEWARE.

    Issue with editing? well, I don't have Gimp 2, so I can't make a pic transparent as easily. Second, I don't have the 2006 version of MS Paint, so the new one is all fancy, and is missing features I need. Paint pics will take longer to edit on the laptop, so yeah.

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  • Oscar1444

    Future of the Wiki!

    March 12, 2013 by Oscar1444

    Hi guys! I'm going to get right into this, so here I go. To Kevin, I checked the last time Lumanaru was on, he is on DAILY. I assume he's stil working, so he has little time to edit, or speak with us. He is a bureacrat, though it wouldn't hurt to have to, I will try to contact him to promote those of you who are on. 

    Second, once my computer is fixed/replaced, expect the wiki to be blistering with images, info, stats, etc. My parents are nearing an agreement to purchase a new one, as the one that would need to be fixed is outdated anyway, (Windows Vista HP). 

    Thirdly, just so we are clear on this, if I get the promotion to bureacrat from Wikia staff, then I can promote you as well, maybe to bureacrat as well as I may not be around to do it ag…

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  • Oscar1444


    February 28, 2013 by Oscar1444

    Okay, computer is working a bit, so I will pick up a bit as well. New update is out for MC4 on iOS as far as I'm aware, probably out for Android as well. I need to edit a lot so I can apply for bureaucracy, to promote a few users in my absences here and there. Have fun with the new weapons!

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