The title may have been a bit misleading. By re-done, it doesn't mean aesthetically. It is literally just for those templates that don't work, so they will be fixed (re-done). Anyways, this is the offical blog for news concerning new, old, and re-done templates from now on. It will be updated as needed. Also, we (Administration) can create polls for what changes will be made to ALL templates on the wiki.

Factions Template


This is the new (and hopefully problem free), template for factions. Once the old ones is replaced with this one, it will be deleted to avoid confusion. Here is the link to the template itself for in depth reference. --------> X

Oscar1444 (talk) 01:13, May 2, 2013 (UTC)

Vehicles Template


This is the new template for vehicles. Completely new here, not remade. Heres the link for the template itself. --------> X

Specialization Template

Template:MC4 Specializations New template for specializations and perks, and miltary support for MC4. Link  --------> X

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