So I know I've been saying I'm going to come back and edit every other week, but recently things came up, and I lost my mojo for editing. So I want you to tell me what to edit. What we need content wise. I  want to edit things for MC4, but MC3 was never finished, and neither was MC2. I want to do 100 things at once, but I don't know where to begin.

Explanation for those who want to know

So the reason I have been not here is because a close family friend died. I wasa not extremely close to her, but I knew her husband very well, so I had to attend the funeral-related things, and another family friend is possibly sick with cancer, so I may be away for that if she passes, so I have had little time to relax, and with summer school, even less. 

These are pretty much the reasons I was absent, but I always checked here daily, because it's nice to get away from all that stuff. So yeah, hopefully nothing bad happens for the rest of summer, and then I can come on and edit more often.

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