Hi guys! I'm going to get right into this, so here I go. To Kevin, I checked the last time Lumanaru was on, he is on DAILY. I assume he's stil working, so he has little time to edit, or speak with us. He is a bureacrat, though it wouldn't hurt to have to, I will try to contact him to promote those of you who are on. 

Second, once my computer is fixed/replaced, expect the wiki to be blistering with images, info, stats, etc. My parents are nearing an agreement to purchase a new one, as the one that would need to be fixed is outdated anyway, (Windows Vista HP). 

Thirdly, just so we are clear on this, if I get the promotion to bureacrat from Wikia staff, then I can promote you as well, maybe to bureacrat as well as I may not be around to do it again. This may or may not happen until my computer is fixed. The people I am considering, or accepting as future Administrators are LMZR, Punisher x, Thesmoovelife, and Kevin. I missed a few, though they are more inactive at this point.

So that's it, a few issues with vandals came up, they were dealt with, a few template bugs were fixed, and hopefully we can make this the BEST database for Modern Combat.

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