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    January 19, 2014 by Oscar1444

    I have paused any and all work I've done on the Dead Trigger Wiki to come back and work here, as well as Eden, but more likely just here. We reccently added an A7 powered tablet to our household, so I can play through the series in better and faster conditions.

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  • Oscar1444

    How to do other stuff

    August 20, 2013 by Oscar1444

    As I go page by page to add things, I see we have used the Weapons template a lot, and then I see the individual Weapon templates for the games, like in Sandstorm, Black Pegasus, etc. Here's what I mean. Sometimes we use this:

    And sometimes we use these:

    I bring this up because I recently revamped the long Weapons template, and touched up a few of the individual ones. I was wondering what you all thought what the best circumstances to use them are. Do we use them when there is so few content, like with the Sandstorm pages, or do we add the long one, and the individual one to the same page. I'd also like to add this poll to help with the decision making process. And following that one, one to decide how to name weapon pages.

    How to name weapon…

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  • Oscar1444

    So I'm making this because I've played through the MC4 menu a bit, and I notice the names of the guns are usually Capitalized, and they dont have the manufacturer name in the game, so I don't want the hassle of re-naming all the pages if it isn't necessary.

    Here's the thing, I'll use the VECT9 for example.

    In the game, it's VECT9. On the website (not this one), it's Charbtek VECT9 (actually stylized as CHARBTEK VECT9).

    I bring this up because I'm trying to name the images appropriately, and I can't do it easily without confusion, and also it might be easier for players who come to the wiki to look up the name as they see it in the game, instread of a redirect? I dunno, that's just my two cents, but I just wanted to bring this to attention bec…

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  • Oscar1444

    Modern Combat 5 Layout

    August 13, 2013 by Oscar1444

    So I spent the past 40 minutes preparing templates and images and all that jazz to bring in the new layout. The wallpaper is going to be a placeholder until some more art is released, so it's not here to stay. I changed the templates as necessary, so we're good there, and also, if you see some clash of colors, like the white/red tint color before, or some red tabs, notify and admin and we'll resolve it. 

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  • Oscar1444


    July 5, 2013 by Oscar1444

    So this is more or less what I would like the wiki to look like close to the release of Modern Combat 5.

    The only other change would be the header and footer (red bar on top that says Wikia and red bar on bottom for quick links), and the wallpaper. Let me know what you think (Fellow Administrators). Also the green colors used would be a little brighter or darker, the ones in the image are just example colors.

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