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  • I live in In my Mind Palace.
  • My occupation is Modern Combat 4.
  • I am Male. JUST KIDDING, ***** I'MMA FISH.
  • Neuelegend

    Banned Account

    February 4, 2015 by Neuelegend

    My account was randomly banned on MC4, but when I contacted the support team they refused to unban it. I have never hacked or cheated.

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  • Neuelegend

    What I want in MC6.

    January 21, 2015 by Neuelegend

    Here's my "MC6 wishlist" if that's what it's called.

    Prone position: an additional button besides crouch.

    Supply Drops that you actually earn through playing.

    Weapon camps.

    Attachment Supply Drops, supply drops holding random attachments for that weapon.

    Customizable Masks, Mask parts from Supply Drops.

    A new Ufia, UFIA PSD-4 or 3, as well as a lightweight version of the Charbtek.

    Larger maps with destructible environments.

    Zombie Survival multiplayer mode.

    A game that's actually designed for people with Medium-Low strength internet.

    Better weapon reload animations.

    Different types of Pro weapons, similar to weapons in AW.

    Armor (camos, emblems)

    More Military support.

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  • Neuelegend

    The "recon airstrike" flew in circles.

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  • Neuelegend

    A turn of events have ocurred, my parents have blocked internet to my device, and as of now I have no way to play either Zero Hour or Blackout. And so, I have to leave. Maybe I will find a way, but as of now, Modern Combat is a thing of the past.

    I know I never have been popular on this wiki, but I would like to say goodbye to all on here as well, for all questions answered and such.

    WatchMeLegion/WatchForLegion signing out, goodbye, Modern Combat, and may you never die...

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  • Neuelegend

    Zero Houred

    December 31, 2014 by Neuelegend
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