Hey, how have you all been enjoying Modern Combat 5: Blackout?

I've been playing it a bit, and i'd like to give my impressions.

When I loaded the game, I was (like everybody else) put straight into the first campaign mission of the game, the game was pretty good, although the controls, while an improvement, were'nt very good and I often found the game hard due to it's 'okay' controls, The weapons were rather weak too, in some cases, enemies would die from taking roughly 7-12 shots from a Compakt 665(!)

The A.I are what you'd expect from the Modern Combat franchise. They're usually just bullet fodder, although they do stay behind cover and do at times work together to take you out.

The missions, while I only played the following missions (The Lie Venice and Tokyo and a spec ops mission in Toyko) They were both good fun, offering challenges and just general great gameplay.

There are 25 (or 26, cannot remember) weapons in Modern Combat 5: Blackout. While I did only use five of those. (Compakt 665, Sabre-S2, Red-34, MSG 33 and the Krube-37) They were all quite similar in recoil, but all had similar firerates, they looked very different from one another, but they didn't feel much different from one another (With an exception for the MSG 33 as that is a semi-auto pistol.) 

Overall, the game was pretty good, It was worthy of the year and a half wait that we waited since Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour came out (Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour came out on the 6th of December 2012, Modern Combat 5: Blackout came out today, July 24, 2014.) And it gives us some much awaited new content which most of is pretty good.

I'll give a review in a video i'll be doing, which i'll be doing in the comments section. :)

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