• LMZR

    Hey, how have you all been enjoying Modern Combat 5: Blackout?

    I've been playing it a bit, and i'd like to give my impressions.

    When I loaded the game, I was (like everybody else) put straight into the first campaign mission of the game, the game was pretty good, although the controls, while an improvement, were'nt very good and I often found the game hard due to it's 'okay' controls, The weapons were rather weak too, in some cases, enemies would die from taking roughly 7-12 shots from a Compakt 665(!)

    The A.I are what you'd expect from the Modern Combat franchise. They're usually just bullet fodder, although they do stay behind cover and do at times work together to take you out.

    The missions, while I only played the following missions (The L…

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  • LMZR

    The release date for the Windows/ Windows Phone version of Modern Combat 5: Blackout has been announced for this Thursday!

    Further info here:

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  • LMZR

    Windows Phone Central did a livestream featuring some gameplay on Modern Combat 5!

    The article can be seen here.

    And the videos can be seen here:,

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  • LMZR

    Looks like we recently got some final renders for the multiplayer classes in Modern Combat 5.

    The Assault

    The Recon

    The Heavy

    The Sniper


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  • LMZR

    A new rendering techinque has made it's way to mobile gaming, and Modern Combat 5: Blackout is one of the first games to support it, SSAO or Screen Space Ambient Occlusion from what i've seen in the screenshots below, improves the shadows by a notable amount.

    Screenshots of SSAO off and SSAO on are below.

    SSAO Off 1

    SSAO On 1

    SSAO Off 2

    SSAO On 2

    SSAO Off 3

    SSAO On 3

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