It's about 11PM here in Sydney and I'm staying home tomorrow so I will be working on basic stats! Comment on what you HATE about this update.

Update notes:

  • Semi-automatic sniper rifles now do not lose ROF when hipfiring.
  • First time changes are made in Campaign in the series.
  • Two new optics and several ammunition changes and additions.
  • Grenade launcher pistol hybrid costs 144,000 coins.
  • Prepared grenades make no sound when THROWN. Still makes slight sound when being prepared.
  • Some ammo types will decrease clip size by about 20 to 50%.
  • Weak assault rifles can now use Armor-Piercing Rounds.
  • Specialisation perks are changed and re-ordered for balancing purposes.
  • Compact assault rifles have a slightly faster reload.
  • Aerodynamic bullets give sniper rifles no range drop and in return, gives the player a 50% smaller clip size.
  • Bird Bomb rounds now have an explosive effect.

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