The achievement system rewards you for ANY edits. It is great for people who like to get noticed but they usually 'edit boost'. So for other people who make large, honest and correct edits don't get noticed. The total edits is based on submitted edits, quantity, not quality. This causes problems as this floods the wiki with useless edits  by anyone (I don't want another argument but here is a great example: Tiny edits to get the 'Wiki Hero' badge worth 250 points [80% useless edits. Seriously. Check the edits and differences.][Sorry, but is it a very good example]). He is attempting to get the hard to get badge but by being here to edits as little as possible and throughout one year it will be much, much easier. As you can see you get rewarded for BEING here and changing fonts/categories instead of good and proper edits.

My point here is that the achievement system isn't good. Achieving them feels nice but it encourages useless edits! So can we remove it? Forever?

I don't want fights in the comment section about the link. I did it too but I stopped half a year ago.

(Admin only page) < I abused the system too. I regret it.

Let me know if you agree to remove it in the comments.

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