SOME MECHANICS AND STUFF ARE LISTED HERE Please comment below what you mainly do in this wiki and describe yourself along with your Gameloft LIVE! ID and your rank and prestige.

I'll introduce myself. My name is Kevin and I mainly get raw stats for guns. Thats how you found out the UFIA PSD-2 and the Compakt-665 has less range than the SMGs. My Gameloft LIVE! ID is Kevin3798 but I only add people I know. MC3: Prestige 1 Rank 81 MC4: Prestige 15 Rank 50.

How this game works:

  • Gun accuracy is based on RECOIL not stats. Low recoil guns are extremely accurate so go test the Charbtek-28 with low recoil and high recoil and look up, shoot and compare.
  • CTS increases recoil but increases maximum range by about ten metres.
  • Extended mags DOES NOT increase recoil, but does slightly lower movement speed. Compact mags only increases movement speed slightly and does not lower recoil.
  • If your crosshairs turn grey it means you are out of range, but if it is red then you are in range.
  • iPad users always have about a 90% hipfire accuracy increase.
  • Throwing Knives have no aim assist in MC4 unlike in MC3 where it had a lot of aim assist.
  • The TAC2 grip does not decrease accuracy and has the same recoil reduction as the vertical grip.

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