I'm hoping Gameloft will read this so they can balance the multiplayer. And I don't think they will put LMGs back in.

  • Do not replace the fire button with a knife button.
  • Do not make a gun that takes two bullets to kill.
  • All launchers must ADS to fire and have a slow ads.
  • No reload cancelling.
  • No health/damage increase of any kind.
  • Speed increase should be very limited.
  • Explosions should NOT go through everything. (Very big problem in all games)
  • Increase rate of fire in all guns and decrease recoil and damage slightly.
  • Special grenades should not deal damage.
  • No incendiary grenades.
  • Throwing knifes should not have a ready time and should be retrievable.
  • No automatic shotguns.
  • Non-automatic weapons should be able to fire 'automatically' (like in MCS, MC2 and MC3).
  • No/very small invisible crosshair in ADS.

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