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  • My occupation is a draconian housekeeper who likes using Wikia
  • I am still unable to leave Wikia for some reason (seriously, it's been more than three years since my arrival)
  • Kevin3798

    Just a quick post to announce its release. After seven extra months of development, it was finally released. It costs nine dollars over here. Hopefully older devices can run this thing.

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  • Kevin3798

    Modern Combat 5 name?

    September 24, 2013 by Kevin3798

    I made this blog post to gather opinions on what the name of Modern Combat 5 should be. Perhaps Gameloft will read this and find a good name from here. So guys, what should the name of Modern Combat 5 be?

    Post yours like this:

    Modern Combat 5: Something Something (not Last War okay?) because blah blah blah.

    Reply to a name someone has posted to agree/disagree with a reason given too.

    Mine is Modern Combat 5: Second World because of the ending most likely predicting the storyline of MC5 like the last games (no spoilers and not the best).

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  • Kevin3798

    The Favicon

    September 3, 2013 by Kevin3798

    I changed the favicon (icon near web address) and I posted this to ask if you prefer this new favicon or the old one.

    Please don't use polls with Yes or No as an answer. Otherwise those results will show up instead of Yes - 0 and No - 0.

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  • Kevin3798

    The achievement system rewards you for ANY edits. It is great for people who like to get noticed but they usually 'edit boost'. So for other people who make large, honest and correct edits don't get noticed. The total edits is based on submitted edits, quantity, not quality. This causes problems as this floods the wiki with useless edits  by anyone (I don't want another argument but here is a great example: Tiny edits to get the 'Wiki Hero' badge worth 250 points [80% useless edits. Seriously. Check the edits and differences.][Sorry, but is it a very good example]). He is attempting to get the hard to get badge but by being here to edits as little as possible and throughout one year it will be much, much easier. As you can see you get rewa…

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  • Kevin3798

    Anyone there?

    June 26, 2013 by Kevin3798

    So right now it's just me and Punisher editing with me putting 'hard to find' stats and him (presumably) doing the templates at a random order. And everyone else is dead unless there is a new interesting blog post BUT we are not finished yet. Not even close so we must try and add more pages and clean up others. (Probably a dumb question while assuming you guys are all male) Gender? I'm male if you haven't guessed.


    • All MC4 attachments
    • Perhaps an attachment guide along with other ones?
    • Game mechanics (Damage and health, speed, recoil, accuracy, etc.)
    • Perks and equipment from MC2, MC3 and MC4


    • Everything except for MCS related pages because Lumanaru made excellent pages while I never existed.
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