I lost my progress on MC5.

Now I have to face some stupid energy system and have me lose all my pro weapons & an account worth over $100.

How did I lose my progress?

I tried to transfer my MC5 data to a new Game Center account, it was fine on the first day, buy the next day it wiped my data clean, and removed my Veteran status.

I spent $7 on the game, which makes me a Veteran, but then the game says "You're not worthy, get out." and puts me back a square one.

Now I have to endure Gameloft's stupid support process.

You know what'd be better? If Gameloft would stop focusing on diamond troves and make everything the same. Making the game free was good, but giving free users an energy system just shows that they want to make free users feel ashamed of themselves. All they really want is money, and that's what they always wanted.

Here's a new name I'm giving Gameloft: $$$$$$$$$loft.

There, I said it.

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