1. Modern Combat: Sandstorm has an incredibly fun multiplayer, but you can't join a match, since everyone is playing MC4 or MC5.

2. Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus! Same reason as Modern Combat: Sandstorm. I need to play Black Pegasus again, but there's no one online.

3. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation - Haywire servers! Everyone keeps disconnecting within the first minute of the game! And I deleted it, so yeah.

4. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour - Many matches online, but so many hackers and Scrubpakt-665s. Also, grenade spam and tryhards everywhere. Severe frame drops makes multiplayer unplayable in matches where there are more than 9 people.

5. Modern Combat 5: Blackout - Unplayable Squad Battles, because of the hackers, armours, LGRs, and Bosks, LGRs everywhere in VIP or Squad Battles, terrible hit detection, incredible lag, knifers, grenade spam, armour.

6. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - Game is so fun after the crap that was Advanced Warfare. Been glued to that game ever since I purchased it. After I got it, I only played Modern Combat once a week in a thirty minute session.

7. I'm friends with Kevin3798 on Steam and we play Team Fortress 2 together - a much more enjoyable and balanced game than Modern Combat.

I'm honestly starting to lose interest in the series, and Kevin even said he had started losing interest in MC and that there weree barely any admins/contributors online.

But first-person perspectives for weapons in MC5 are still rolling :)

- Enzo

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