Why do people care so much about their Kill/Death ratio? Seriously? Kill/Death ratio is irrelevant. All its showing is your Kill/Death ratio, and yet some people care so much about having their Kill/Death ratio ridonkulously high so they can join elite squads and brag about it to their friends.

Back when Modern Combat 5: Blackout was my main Modern Combat to play (which was when it was still a paid game), I got kicked out and refused by SOOOO many squads because they said my Kill/Death ratio of 1.3 was so low.

That is just outright stupid. Judging a player by their Kill/Death ratio is one-sided, incorrect, and plain dumb! Why would you judge a player based on how many more kills they have over deaths or vice versa?

EndZone's MC4 Stats

Not impressive.

Look at my stats on MC4. They aren't even remotely impressive. And I don't give a crap. Why? Because I think that K/D doesn't represent the type of player you are. If I would have just broken out the Scrubpakt-665, I would have a 2 K/D ratio. But I'm not a tryhard, so I go with the UFIA PSD-2, R780, Black Mamba, or some other type of unpopular or unconventional firearm.

Not to even mention the number of players on other shooters that only judge other players by Kill/Death ratio. (Call of Duty, anyone?)

In short, judging someone by their Kill/Death ratio is opinionated, one-sided, and plain incorrect. All your Kill/Death ratio is doing to players is making them paranoid about dying too much, and so most of the time they run the n00biest classes on MC4, like a Scrupbakt with a noobtube and incendiary grenades and the Demolition specialisation. The #1 on the Modern Combat 4 leaderboard, J20_China, is a complete noob. I've played with him before, so many times. And all he does is rock the Scrubpakt with a noobtube.

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