There are annoyances to MC3 multiplayer, however. The game can crash, and even more annoyingly, when I log into my existing level 85 account, every time I join a match, be it empty or with other players, "Failed to Save Profile" pops up. So what choice did I have? I booted up my EndZone49 Gameloft Live! account on, and the game works just fine. I'm not too bummed out to start from the very beginning, I'm glad I just redownloaded Fallen Nation and got to experience a game that I haven't played in a while. I'm now level 35, and I'm loving it. Hackers have moved on to MC4, because they think MC3 isn't active anymore, since I haven't run into any hackers.

If you have the time, try jumping back to MC3. Everything about it, sounds (except for frag grenade explosion sounds), the weapon looks, the weapon feel, the maps, the gameplay, the smoothness (yes), the kill streaks, are all better than the Modern Combats that came after it. I forgot how much of a blast this game was. This will be the only Modern Combat I play now, since there are up to 30 people online. Sometimes I'll open up MC2 or MC4, but MC3 will be my mainstay.

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