For all of you that read my "What MC5 did Wrong" blog post, you would probably end up thinking that I have nothing positive to say about MC5. Well, that's wrong. Despite MC5's laundry list of problems, it still remains a relatively enjoyable game.

1. Squad Battles. We are not going to disagree here. Squad battles was one of the smartest, if not the smartest move that Bucharest made when developing MC5, so props to them. How fun is it to come up with your squad name, come up with your squad icon, invite some friends and go against other squads around the world in a competitive and harmless environment? Very fun indeed!

2. Anti-hacker system. MC4 suffered (and is still suffering) from a decent popularity of hackers. MC5 though, being a new game, has an anti-hacker system that kicks out anybody with suspicious activity playing the game. That is one of the smartest moves I have seen. It has the same impact as having Squad Battles but is a simpler thing to do.

3. More weapon classes. MC3 had only two sniper rifles and two LMGs. MC4 has no LMGs, three shotguns, and three sniper rifles Yes, MC5 suffers from weapon variety being fairly nonexistent, but we have a LOT of weapons in each class, 7 of each. MC3 and MC4 may have the better weapon variety, but MC5 has an abundance of weapons and the return of LMGs. I was a really big fan of the Shred from MC3, and I'm a happy person that its returned in MC5.

4. Using your multiplayer classes in single-player. Great idea by Bucharest. The single-player campaign wasn't my cup of tea, but being able to use your multiplayer classes in single player and earn weapon score and XP that counted for your entire account was a good idea.

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