Merlion at Marina Bay

Well, I have some big news.

Me and my family will take a Christmas/New Year trip to Singapore, a tiny city in Southeast Asia.

I will be departing San Francisco on the 18th of December.

From San Francisco to Singapore, it's a 16-18 hour flight, not including the mandatory stop-over that the plane has to take when in Korea.

This trip will affect all of my wiki editing from today to the 18th, since I have to pack my bags and whatnot, but I'll be happy to edit an article before I go and when I arrive in Singapore :)

So, on that basis, I will not be editing much for the rest of this week and probably not on the 18th and 19th. Be prepared for that. I will still be adding my new screenshots.

Hope you guys keep the MC2 pictures rolling.

Wish you guys the best until then!

- Enzo

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