I seriously feel bad for these guns. These guns are beasts, but are underrated and underused to the point where you don't see them at all in the killfeed. Feel free to object with me.

10. AK47
MC2-AK-47 Silenced
(Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus)

The Ak47 in Modern Combat 2 (and its variants) are extremely underrated. I haven't played MC2 in an eternity, but I still remember how underused and underrated this weapon is. All you saw in the killfeed for Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus was the MN106. Everyone treats the MN106 like it is the weapon of the world. Everyone just uses the MN106 Silenced or Camo. And the Ak47 and its variants are extremely underused. The standard AK is very good, but no one uses it! Why? It is a powerhouse! The AK-47 Gold in my opinion, is the best weapon in MC2. It is fully auto and can receive a one-hit kill when you go for headshots. So the AK-47 and its variants in MC2, are very, very, underused and definitely should be used more.

9. M40A3

Let me ask you a question: Did anyone ever snipe in Modern Combat 2? Never. Why? The M40A3 in MC2 is in my opinion, one of the best sniper rifles in the entire franchise. This weapon is a beast, it is massively improved and more balanced from its Modern Combat: Sandstorm variant. It has crazy high damage. It looks pretty cool, and the scope is pretty darn cool. And just like the AK47 in MC2, I'm pretty sure the reason that no one uses this weapon is because everyone is addicted to the MN106, just like players are addicted to the Compakt-665 in MC4. So, the M40A3, one of the most underrated and underused weapons in Modern Combat history.

8. Automat-X
(Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation)

The Automat-X is one of the two LMGs in Modern Combat 3, and is an underrated monster. Is it because it is unlocked pretty late? Is it because everyone is addicted to the Shred-4's monstrous rate of fire and 100-round clip? God knows the answer. But this weapon does not get the credit that it deserves. Yes, it has a small clip for an LMG, 42 rounds, which is the second-lowest magazine size for an LMG in Modern Combat, #1 being the AX-100 Mk II in MC5, but it has an incredibly high rate of fire, great iron sights, decent range, and high damage. Again! Is it because everyone is addicted to the KT-44 or the ZN6-Prototype? This weapon just needs to be used more. Because this weapon is a buzzsaw.

7. ASIX-338
(Modern Combat 5: Blackout)

Just because it is the first sniper unlocked doesn't mean it is bad. Seriously. There are some great starters weapons in Modern Combat, the Bravel-1 and SOCAR-S A1 spring to mind, and this sniper rifle deserves to join the club. The PRO version is kind of shitty, but the standard version is an underrated monster weapon. It may have low damage, but it fires so quickly, and it has very low recoil, making this weapon a BEAST at mid-range. I admit, even as a level 66 player on MC5, this is my sniper rifle of choice.

If you aren't convinced, just give it a try. It is very fun to use. If you aren't convinced still, well, I don't know what will. But GunFuMaster will agree with me.

6. Tygr X3
MC4-Tygr X3
(Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour)

Everyone looks at the OPS65 like it is a god gun. And yes, it is extremely powerful. With JHP rounds, you can drop barely injured enemies in two shots, and it has a great rate of fire. But the Tygr X3 is very, very underused compared to its OPS65 variant.

Yes. I agree with you. It is expensive. It is MC4 Cost 85,000, which is slightly more than double the price of the Jolt-7 MP and more than 3 times the price of the OPS65, and it has the lowest damage of all the SMGs. But just like the other SMGs, it has a very high rate of fire, and it also has very low recoil. And despite the low damage, it still kills very quickly up close. So why would you not want this weapon? It may be the most expensive SMG in Zero Hour, but it still is a very deadly weapon that I think deserves more recognition. Because in terms of secondaries, there is only either the OPS65 or a noobtube. No others.

5. A TIE! Black Mamba
MC4-Black Mamba

Another secondary weapon in Zero Hour that definitely deserves a shoutout. People turn away from the Mamba, saying "Oh, the iron sights are terrible! The reload is terrible! The rate of fire is so slow!" Well, it's because the Mamba, unlike the Tygr that I mentioned earlier, requires a high degree of skill to master and get the most out of it. Everyone in MC4 doesn't care about trying to get good at the Mamba. They just say it sucks because it fires so slow! Well, just go for it. Devote some time for it. You will find that if you ADS at close range, you will get one hit kills no problem at all. For the Mamba, the aim and mobility is key.

And this weapon is a blast to use.

The second weapon that got 5th place is the .44 Revolver
MC3-.44 Revolver
(Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation)

Just like the Mamba, this is a high damage, slow-firing revolver capable of downing enemies in one shot higher than the Mamba. For this reason, people say that this weapon is better, but I like both weapons, and for some reason, the Mamba just feels more fun to use! I don't know why.

Anyway, this weapon is seriously underrated. The only secondaries that people use often is either the nooby-ass ZXD or the also nooby-ass Roar 3000. And just like the Mamba, you just need a lil' bit of skill to use this badass. Yes, badass.

4. Defiler

The Defiler. One of my favourite weapons in Modern Combat history. There is something about this weapon that is so satisfactory! This is like the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 SPAS-12 of MC3. This weapon has crazy high damage, and a very good range. So that means that this weapon can achieve one-hit kills pretty darn easy. No problem at all. But despite these traits, this weapon is underrated as hell! If you played MC3 back in the day, if there was a secondary weapon in the killfeed, it would be a Roar or a ZXD. Just like with the .44 Revolver, I think it is because everyone runs either the Roar or the ZXD as their secondary, so some other secondaries don't et love. But the Defiler definitely deserves to be on this list. I love this gun. I truly do. Thesmoovelife, here is your shotty!

3. CTK-1410

The CTK-1410. Yeah, you've probably forgotten about it. This weapon is so underrated and underused. That's why you can't remember it. And here I am, going to convince you that if you have 45,000 credits to spend on a weapon on MC4, or want to take a break from your Compakt-665 and go for something that requires a little bit of skill, take this BEAST. The CTK-1410 is one of three shotguns in MC4. It has high damage and is semi-auto. The R780 is even higher damage, but pump-action so it fires slow. The Volkhov-12 is fully automatic and it has low damage. So the CTK is kind of in between these weapons, however, it has an even longer range than these two. Couple that with the highest minimal damage in the shotgun category and you have a shotgun that's not a peashooter even at mid-range. And up close, if you are accurate, you can get those one hit kills easily, making the CTK a very deadly and versatile shotgun in the right hands. I honestly don't know why I don't see this when I play MC4. It is an absolute monster, it devours people whole. How hard can it be to just tap the screen repeatedly?

If you haven't tried this weapon and have enough credits to buy it, jump back to MC4 and get it. It is like a more powerful DS-1310. Just watch out for the small magazine size on the 1410.

2. VECT9

The VECT9. How underrated and underused can you get. In a world dominated by Compakt-665's, the Vantage Enforcement Carbine model T9 is a worthy contender. This weapon, in my opinion, is a completely superior version of MC4's UFIA PSD-2, with the exception of mobility, handling, and clip size. This weapon gets no love. It is a mid-long range powerhouse! If you pair this with a Recoil Booster, the shots to kill at long range is lowered from 5 to 4, making it top-tier for any assault rifle. And if that wasn't impressive enough, the maximum range of the VECT9 is 85m. 85m is an insane distance away. The VECT may not be the best assault rifle for close-quarters, thanks to its low fire rate of 420 rounds per minute, but damn! This thing has the potential to be a mid and long range powerhouse!

If you aren't convinced, check out my classes on MC4 blog post and try out that class. You will find that no other assault rifle can compete with you in mid to long range firefights.

Despite the VECT9 being a beast of a weapon, it is not as good and not as underrated and underused as my #1 pick.


This is the most UNDERRATED WEAPON IN MC HISTORY. It is so underused, and why? This thing is so balanced! 600 RPM, 3-hit at close range, average clip size, great handling and mobility! This Compakt is the most balanced and underused weapon in Modern Combat history. In what area is this weapon ineffective or overpowered? None! The Compakt-665 in MC4, the most underrated and balanced weapon in Modern Combat history. Period.

1. KR-200

Just kidding, just kidding. Chill, chill, chill. Ysbert, no, I am not saying I am a tryhard. All you anti-Compakters can calm down, because I am one too! And anyway, the KR-200 in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is a beast of an underrated weapon. This KR-200 (not the dung in MC5) is an absolute monster. This Kremlin Rifles assault rifle devours enemies, Nanofiber Vest or none, in one fiery burst. This weapon has a 30m one-burst kill range. 30 meters! Holy shit, that's almost across the central roundabout in Backfire from the cracked building to the flank route! It also has a high RPM per burst, at 600 RPM, the same as the top-tier automatic weapons, and it has good range and damage at range. You will never need more than two bursts to eliminate a foe.

If you want to see how good this weapon is and you don't have MC4, go check out iOS Frost Scope with this weapon. He demolishes everyone in his wake.

Honorable Mentions

The MC81
from Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. This weapon is an absolutely disgusting SMG, dropping enemies faster than you can blink up close.

The Maiden
from Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. I don't understand why people hate on this weapon. It is a low-recoil, moderate damage assault rifle. Seriously underrated.

The Bramson
from Modern Combat 5: Blackout. Even when people unlock this weapon, they continue using the Bosk 3 like their life depends on it. I honestly don't understand. The Bramson in Modern Combat 5 is a powerhouse, especially when going for headshots.

The Jolt-7 MP
MC5-Jolt-7 MP
from Modern Combat 5: Blackout. Again, why do people think that this weapon is bad? This weapon is an absolute MONSTER. It fires at a blazy 600 RPM and has one of the fastest time to kills of the SMGs in MC5 at very close and close range.

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