Whoo. Still shaken up by the home invasion situation, but I must get back on task.

I joined the Modern Combat wiki just on October 2015, and for the most part, I'm happy that I've adjusted. I've met a lot of great people (Ysbert, TheMCGamer, Kevin3798, Thesmoovelife, and SteadyShotz spring to mind) but not only that, I've always had a passion for MC. For me, having a passion as big as I do for MC is the reason I joined this wiki. I just felt like I could do so much help when I shared my knowledge with others. There's a quote that says:

"It doesn't matter how smart you are. The only thing that matters is the way you communicate your knowledge with others."

That's exactly the quote why I joined. And I feel like there are just so many other people out there, who have a big passion for Modern Combat and are very knowledgable about it, but the reason why they don't contribute is because they're insecure about sharing their knowledge about others! How could legends like Enzo Ferrari (the founder of the iconic sports car maker Ferrari) create his wonderful machine without telling his knowledge to others? That, for me, is the key of building a community. Find people that are compassionate about whatever game they like and hopefully get them to tell you what they know about MC. It doesn't have to be MC, too. It can be about anything!

Obviously, another way of maintaining a good community is being kind to others. Being kind to others is the only legitimate way to get community members to acknowledge you. Also, to keep a community together is to protect your wiki to be filled with vandals. That's why we work together to stop these vandals. We work together to keep a watchful eye over our wiki, and make sure it remains a place where people can learn in an enjoyable area.

My purpose on this wiki (and should also be yours, too) is to connect ourselves with other community members and have a relationship, even if we are on other sides of the globe. My purpose on this wiki is to keep this site clean, informative, and helpful for people who just want to read their articles on MC wiki. Together, we can make this wiki the best mobile game wiki yet. But we also need dedication. This is exactly why you always see me in the recent changes area every single day.

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