One word. OP. This weapon ruined, and I mean RUINED, an otherwise spot-on MC4. MC4 had great weapon balance, but then this sucker came along and spoiled it all. This weapon, to me, is one of the prime examples Gameloft should never put in their games. This is an AR with several benefits of an SMG. This is like the Ripper DLC weapon from Call of Duty: Ghosts, but even better because it doesn't lose rate of fire when you want the Compakt to perform like an AR.

1. This weapon has awesome mobility and handling. Yes, it is an SBR (Short-Barelled Rifle) and the overall look of the weapon suggests a very lightweight weapon. But when all you see are tryhards and aimbotters zipping all over the map with this weapon, that just pisses me off. You get killed by one of these tryhards, you spawn on the other side of the map and they are already there, aiming down sights. It reminds me of the Storm Hammer from this unbalanced iOS shooter Pixel Gun 3D.

2. Damage and ROF. They should have given this weapon a very short 3-shot kill range, but no. An SBR should have a high ROF but a low-range. Thankfully, this weapon as the second shortest range of the assault rifles, just barely ahead of the UFIA PSD-2, which we'll get into later. So it would make sense that the 3-shot range of the Compakt would be shallow, like 5 meters, or maybe 10 meters. But they gave it a 15m three shot kill range. Combine that with a high rate of fire of 600 RPM and you have a weapon that unfairly melts at close range.

Now this final problem with the Compakt-665 combines all the problems with it that I have just mentioned. And this is it.


GunFuMaster would agree with me. I've seen him on MC YT videos, commenting on Compakt vids or in the comment section for the Compakt-665, ranting about it being a complete upgrade to the PSD-2. He is right. There is no area where the Compakt is not better than the UFIA. The close-range damage of the Compakt is higher. The maximum range of the Compakt is higher. The rate of fire on the Compakt is higher. The mobility and handling are the same. The UFIA may have lower view kick, but the Compakt has a faster centerspeed. What were they thinking?

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