Here are a few of my classes that I use on MC4. I doubt I will be changing these up soon. These classes are like my bread and butter.

Try them out and comment down below on what you think!

(I am a sucker for Front Line, so you don't have to run the specializations that I do on these classes.)

First loadout



with Advanced Holo, Sound Suppressor, Armor-Piercing rounds, Buffer Tube and Ergonomic Grip
Secondary: Kolbászky S-40 GL
MC4-Kolbászky S-40 GL
with 40mm rounds (If you want, the Sticky grenades aren't bad either)
Specialization: Demolition

Perks: Dedication to not restart my killstreaks from Incendiary grenade noobs. Ammo Pack for increased launcher grenade supply, Proximity Mines to protect yourself, and Explosives Expert for a 25% damage and blast radius increase for all explosives.

To compliment Explosives Expert's damage boost on all explosives, we'll be running the most powerful grenade available.

Sticky grenade
MC4-Sticky Bomb

Military Support of your choice

Tips: This load out is all about being effective in every way. For clearing out interiors or large groups of enemies, the S-40 will make short work of said foes. Even if you run out of ammunition with the S-40, you have a stealthy, decent close-mid range weapon remaining. However, when your launcher is out of ammo, I would recommend trading it with another weapon, like a shotgun or a sniper rifle.

More ideas: This load out works equally well with the 40mm Thor GLP or the CTK-88 Crumplor to shoot down air support.

Second loadout


Primary: Shotgun of your choice (preferably the R780) with nothing for both the R780 and CTK-1410, but with an Ergonomic Grip and Extended magazine for the Volkhov-12.

Secondary: Tygr X3
MC4-Tygr X3
w/ Sound Suppressor, Vertical grip, JHP rounds.
Specialization: Front Line
MC4-Front Line

Perks: Military Tactician can make otherwise difficult kill chains easier to earn. Grenade Belt is a solid second-tier perk. Gun Expert will cut down your reload time. Paragon Juggernaut will grant you extra health.

Grenade: In order for you to get as close to long-range foes as possible, the Stun grenade will be our grenade of choice.
MC4-Stun Grenade

Military Support of your choice

Tips: Use your stun grenades wisely. If you spot a long-range foe, throw your stun grenade at the enemy. They will be unable to counter-attack, giving you the opportunity to kill your stunned foe. If they are running Tactical Mask, use your secondary instead. If the enemy has a Recon Aircraft in the air, switch to your suppressed secondary so if you plan to attack an enemy, they will not be able to pin point where you are coming from. Paragon Juggernaut will give you much-needed extra help. As a close-range designed class, you will take a lot of fire from long range foes. That is where Gun Expert comes in. It doesn't benefit the Volkhov-12 as much as the two other shotguns, but cutting down the time to reload will allow you to reload much closer to your enemy, and can save your life in some scenarios.

More ideas: You can also use the Stealth specialisation to gain access to Paragon Senses.

Third loadout


Primary: Charbtek-28
w/ Holographic Sight, the normal muzzle, Vertical grip, AMS stock and Armor-Piercing rounds.
Secondary: OPS65
w/ JHP rounds, Sound Suppressor, and Vertical grip.

Specialisation: Front Line w/ first-tier skill of your choice (I prefer Military Tactician), Grenade Belt, Gun Expert (I need that fast reload) and a fourth-tier perk of your choice. Paragon Juggernaut is my personal pick.

Grenade: Sticky grenade

Military Support of your choice (I run Recon Aircraft, Hover Drone, and Bomber

Tips: This class is geared towards close and mid-range combat. The Charbtek-28 has an extremely high rate of fire and damage, and aiming down sights up close will give you the two-shot kill. The OPS65 will be there as an able backup if you want to take the stealthier route, Front Line will give you advantages like increased health, faster reload, and 1 less kill for your military support.

More ideas: Equipping a CTS on the Charbtek can turn it into a high-powered, fully-auto battle rifle, with an able OPS65 as your secondary. Personally, I prefer the Holographic as it grants more versatility. And I'm not a fan about the decreased peripheral vision and magnified recoil.

Fourth loadout


Primary: X6 .338
MC4-X6 .338
w/ Deep Impact rounds, Standard Scope, and Sound Suppressor

Secondary: Black Mamba
MC4-Black Mamba
w/ JHP rounds

Specialization: Stealth

Perks: Opportunism, Grenade Belt, Tactical Mask, and Paragon Senses

Grenade: Tear gas grenade

Military Support of your choice

Tips: This class is designed specifically for silent long-range kills. This is a class that you hardscope with, not quickscope. Paragon Senses will give you a much needed alarm if an enemy up close or far away is aiming at you, giving time to ready your shot. Deep Impact rounds will cancel out the health-adding effects of Paragon Juggernaut users, and for a class for taking out enemies stealthfully at long range, this is essential. The loss in clip size is negligible, as the weapon has a fast reload when reload cancelling, and rarely will you need ten shots in succession.The Standard Scope grants high precision at long range, and the Suppressor will give you a much-needed stealth benefit in a class designed for stealth.

More ideas: The Viny Pro would be a sensible replacement for the Mamba, and attach a Suppressor and JHP rounds to it. However, I am confident in my aim, and I miss the one-hit kill up close. For a class made to surprise your foe, the Mamba will end their life in one shot up close.

If you aren't confident in your SNIPER aim, the E24 SASR with CTS, Armor-Piercing rounds, and a Sound Suppressor is a decent alternative. But be aware that the only way you can get one-hit kills with this class is if you hit the head. If you use the E24 with these attachments, the best way to use it is as a stealthy marksman-type weapon.

Fifth Loadout


Primary: VECT9
w/ Extended magazine. Tactical Holo, Recoil Booster, and AMS Stock
Secondary: OPS65
w/ JHP rounds, Sound Suppressor, and Vertical grip

Specialisation: Intervention

Perks: Sharpshooting, Grenade Belt, Integrated Radar, and Paragon Striker

Grenade: Concussion grenade

Military support of your choice

Tips: Use the VECT to guard a high-traffic position. Stay a reasonable place away, as the VECT is outgunned by all other ARs in close-quarters combat, thanks to its high damage loss when firing from the hip. Using the VECT as a counter-sniper weapon is also very effective, thanks to the VECT's long 3-hit kill range. The Tactical Holo will highlight enemies seen in your sight for 5 seconds, and considering that you are running Integrated Radar, that will highlight enemies in your HUD. The Tactical Holo also increases your centerspeed and grants a better view on foes up close, far away, and mid-range than the obtrusive iron sights.The AMS is for ultimate stability for long-range aiming, and Extended mags is there to boost your clip size to the more traditional 30. The Recoil Booster will convert your shots to kill at long range down from 5 to 4, and considering the VECT's slow rate of fire, this can save your life sometimes. The Recoil Booster also increases 3-hit kill range.

More ideas: If you don't plan to use this weapon at long range, skip the Recoil Booster and attach the Sound Suppressor. If you are accurate with your shots, then equip Armor-piercing rounds instead. Finally, if you prefer a higher-zoom optic, the CTS or Advanced Holo sights can be of some use.

Sixth loadout


Primary: SOCAR-S A1
w/ Recoil Booster, Extended magazine, and Carbon stock
Secondary: Jolt-7 MP
MC4-Jolt-7 MP
w/ Sound Suppressor, JHP rounds, and Vertical Grip

Specialisation of your choice

Grenade: Fragmentation grenade

More ideas: Hence the name of this class, you can change up anything you want to!

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