Why does everyone love this weapon? Seriously? The UFIA PSD-2 from Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is the most overrated weapon in the entire series.

First. I don't understand how people can love this weapon when its maximum range is just 42m. So basically, an OPS65 submachine gun can outclass you at long range.

And it has the lowest in-class damage, being a 35-15 damage weapon, or 3-7 shots to kill.

The only things which I particularly like about it is its high mobility and handling, low recoil, and good hip-fire.

But everything else about it is seriously underpowered.

This weapon is completely inferior to the Compakt-665. It has a much lower rate of fire, 420 RPM vs the Compakt's 600 RPM, the Compakt has the exact same handling and mobility, it has higher damage, being a 3-6 shot kill weapon, identical hip-fire, a slightly longer maximum range, and a superior centerspeed.

Also, I just feel like this weapon is outclassed by the other low-rate of fire assault rifle, the VECT9! Come on! The VECT9 deserves the respect and reputation that the UFIA has right now. The VECT9 just has a lower clip size and lower handling and mobility, and the hip fire is not as controllable. That's it. Otherwise, the VEcT is a 3-5 shot kill weapon (3-4 shots with the Recoil Booster), a DOUBLED maximum range (85m vs 42m), and in my opinion, better looks. That is what makes the VECT for me.

Maybe the UFIA is a decent stealth weapon, but then again, the Compakt has higher damage, exact same handling and mobility, identical hip fire, a slightly longer maximum range, and a superior centerspeed, making it superior. And the VECT has an infinitely-higher damage and range. For everything the UFIA does well, some other weapon does it equally as good, or better.

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