Well, I've been here on the Modern Combat Wiki for a little bit over a month now.

And I do very much enjoy editing here.

I wish a few of the other admins (Claywick, LMZR) were a little more active because I really want to talk with them, but for the most part, it's alright here. I have Ysbert, probably the most helpful administrator I have ever run into in the entire Wikia, so that's an upside.

I've also become an admin here on MCW, and I've made 1,400+ edits on here since I started up in October 2015.

I don't think I'm going to stop. A break-in and an upcoming driving test isn't going to stop me. I take every free second I do to hop on my MacBook Air and see what I can do to make this wiki a better place.

Going to be happy seeing you guys around on this wiki, or some other wikis!

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am grateful for my friends and family. I am grateful that I can make a difference on this wiki and make some other friends in doing so. I am grateful that we have a car, I'm grateful for a house, and I'm grateful that I can eat good food everyday. There are a lot of homeless people in the world, let alone SF, the city I live in. So let's also be grateful for the privileges that we have.

Signing off,


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